Managing and Amp – Maximizing Your Time

Many entrepreneurs are wasting so much time!

You’re spinning your wheels doing things that aren’t making you any money or bringing in any new clients. You’re even doing some of the very things and marketing strategies that ‘they say’ should be working but yet they aren’t working for you. Does this sound familiar?

You have so much potential and such a great message or product to share yet you’re not businessshed enough people. This is a shame. Most of the time however this can be fixed pretty easily watching how you manage your time better. Afterall, when you free up some of your time delegating, automating or systematizing that allows you more time for sales and marketing activities and that’s what brings in new customers and clients!

Many big gurus talk about time management all the time but they talk about the what and why and not really the HOW, the nitty gritty tasks and details of what you should be doing instead. So here’s the real scoop on how to get more done and how to bring in many more qualified new leads every month into your business.

5 Steps to Managing Your Time Better So You Can Have More Time to Really Focus on Sales and Marketing:

1) Calendarize Your Life for More Structure *

Plot fun, vacations, family time and self care into your calendar first *Put blocks of time into your days so you can focus on specific projects and tasks *Schedule key networking events (local and not) into your calendar next Then schedule clients and business calls or appointments

2) Organize Your Emails, Paperwork and Files

Funnel emails type or category into folders in your inbox (especially newsletters)

Save files, documents, emails for specific projects or clients into folders on your desktop to store, purge files over a year onto a CD to free up storage space.

Only print what really needs to be printed for serving clients, accounting or other If you must save old client paper files, put them in a box in your garage or office closet but purge them after a year at most.

3) Track and Analyze Your Time and To Dos:

Keep track of everything you do for business and personal every day 24/7 for a week at least Sort tasks that you do that you don’t like to do, don’t want to do or don’t do well and find someone to outsource them to do this activity once every 6 months as more things will come up you can pass off.