Preview of the Upcoming Weekend Weather

The weather forecast for the upcoming weekend looks promising, with sunny skies and mild temperatures. On Saturday, the high will be in the mid-70s, and the low will be in the mid-50s. Sunday will be even warmer, with a high in the low 80s. There is a slight chance of rain on Sunday afternoon, but it should be patharkandicollege

Here is a more detailed forecast for each day:

  • Saturday: Sunny, with a high near 75 degrees Fahrenheit and a low around 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Sunday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 80 degrees Fahrenheit and a low around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. There is a 20% chance of rain after 1pm.

If you are planning outdoor activities this weekend, be sure to dress accordingly. It will be warm and sunny, so sunscreen and a hat are a must. You may also want to bring a light jacket in case it gets chilly in the evening.