Select Source – American Made Multivitamin

It’s no secret that we’re seeing more safety alerts, health advisories and product recalls than ever before. Daily, the warnings leap out at us from our newspapers and TV screens. We are being made acutely aware of the inherent dangers of purchasing foreign-made products. And virtually no product category has been spared. Toothpaste, pet food, doll accessories, ceramics, cosmetics, toys, www cbd boss us, lunch boxes, ba bottles, tires… the list of foreign-made products that evidence contamination is huge…and still it continues to grow.

Why are so many of the unsafe products foreign-made? Because in an effort to grow their economy, many developing nations have adopted less restrictive regulatory measures concerning the use of chemicals that would be banned or severely restricted in this country. In addition, many continue to use unsafe pesticides and herbicides in their soil that ultimately end up in the products that are grown in this environment. The scientific community has known of these practices for years. But now the dangers of such lax controls are becoming apparent to the mainstream world. Clearly, low quality is a poor compromise for low price.

So obviously, when it comes to choosing a multivitamin, you want it to be as clean, healthy and risk-free as possible. And most of all, if you have a choice, you don’t want it to be foreign-made. So, how do you know the country of origin of the ingredients in your multivitamin? You look at the label, right? Wrong! It won’t tell you what you want to know because there’s no regulation that requires the country of origin to appear on a nutritional supplement.

But now there is a multivitamin that has lifted this veil of secrecy. It’s called Select Source Multivitamins. This is the first nutraceutical that voluntarily lists the country of origin for each ingredient. Select Source uses as many ingredients as possible from the United States. The remaining ingredients are selected from countries like Switzerland, Spain, the United Kingdom and also South America. These are places where quality and integrity are clearly evidenced in their business ethics.

And lastly, all the ingredients in Select Source Multivitamins are assembled in the United States under pharmaceutical-grade procedures and in a certified Good Manufacturing Practice facility where quality control guidelines are always in place to ensure the finest, purest and safest supplements that modern technology can achieve.