Stocks fell again in view of unwarranted reports

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As per HoSE, in light of the fact that the Vietnam Stock Trade (VNX) was laid out under the mother-youngster model based on adjustment of HoSE and HNX as per Choice No. 37/2020/QD-TTg dated December 23, 2020 of the State head. The public authority should VNX be the authority point of convergence of Vietnam to partake in enrollment of worldwide affiliations and associations, including WFE.

Right now, VNX is currently getting the exchange of participation of WFE from HoSE and doing important managerial techniques to turn into an individual from WFE formally.

Around the same time, VNX expressed that on April 22, 2022, VNX has turned into an individual from the League of Asian and Oceania Stock Trades (AOSEF). On September 15, 2022, VNX turned into an individual from the ASEAN Security Market Gathering – ABMF. This is a gathering comprising of specialists and monetary foundations from 10 ASEAN nations, along with China, Japan and Korea (ASEAN +3) laid out in May 2010.

Financial backer at ACB Protections Company.Photo: Hoang Trieu

Most as of late on September 30, VNX turned into an individual from ASEAN Relationship of Stock Trades – ASEAN Trade. This affiliation was laid out based on multilateral participation between stock trades from 6 nations in the ASEAN locale, including Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. Presently, VNX is enrolling to turn into an authority individual from WFE to supplant HoSE. After VNX joins as an authority part, HoSE and HNX likewise partake in similar advantages as true enrollment.

Turning into an individual from WFE is important for VNX’s coordination intend to increase expectations on the lookout and really draw in unfamiliar financial backers.

Before that, the spread of the above wrong data made the stock exchanging meeting on November 10 more negative. Appropriately, the entire market was immersed in selling strain with many stocks tumbling as far as possible (down to the floor), VN-File some of the time lost almost 50 focuses and moved toward 900 places, making financial backers stressed. settle. Toward the finish of the meeting, the VN-Record limited the drop to in excess of 38 places and shut down at 947.24 focuses thanks to a couple of huge cap stocks restricting the drop. In any case, the quantity of stocks that declined was all the while overpowering on the trades. Liquidity stayed at a typical low level notwithstanding a critical increment contrasted with past meetings.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Trung, Head of Venture Warning Division, Thanh Cong Protections Business entity (TCSC), said that now individual financial backers never again care a lot of about the worth of the business since they fear terrible news connected with the organization. custom as of late. Notwithstanding, in the long haul, this is a potential chance to amass stocks with delicate cost and high markdown.