The Many and Varied Uses of the Humble Smart Phone Whilst Traveling

Smart phones are ubiquitous these days, and for good reason. They help us sort out what we need to sort with ease and convenience. However, don’t forget that smart phones prove very useful when you travel too. In what follows I will give you three travel/backpacking tips that all make use of the humble smart phone.

The first backpacking tip is to use the camera on your smart phone to take photos of important information – instead of writing it down. For example, if you need to remember what time a certain bus leaves, and when it arrives at your destination, or whatever, just take a photo of it of the timetable or schedule. That’s it! Gone are the days where we need to manually write down information in your little travel notebook. What’s more, the photo will accurately record the information; there can be no mistakes!

This tip also conforms to my travel light philosophy, as you do not have to necessarily carry a notebook and pen. All you need is your smart phone, which you will probably be bringing on your travels anyway.

This little tip has saved me so much time. And hell, it is just way more convenient!

Another great backpacking tip again uses your smart phone. Instead of writing down phone numbers, names of movies recommended my other travelers, etc., just type it into your smart phone. This is great as you never know when you might meet a certain someone, who offers you their phone number, or gives you a great piece of advice. And who wants to carry around a notebook and pen with them all day long? Pocket space is already at a premium whilst traveling, with the likes of maps, brochures and other printed material taking up much of it.

And finally, another useful backpacking tip that again uses your smart phone, centers around downloadable phone travel apps. There are so many helpful and informative travel apps out there that can make your backpacking more fun and interesting. For example, I have personally been a big fan of the Triposo series of phone apps. I have downloaded and used them in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Taiwan… pretty much everywhere I have traveled to so far. Consider them little digital travel guides. They are great to use when sitting on a bus or train, or when you are having a coffee.

Again, this last tip is consistent with my general travel light philosophy, as using great travel apps you are potentially ridding yourself of the need to carry a with you.

So remember: your smart phone is not just smart – it’s really useful too, especially when traveling. Make sure you use it to its fullest potential, and make your backpacking experience more hassle free and convenient.